Essentials of Photonics, Second Edition

Essentials of Photonics, Second Edition

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The importance of photonics in science and engineering is widely recognized and will continue to increase through the foreseeable future. In particular, applications in telecommunications, medicine, astronomy, industrial sensing, optical computing and signal processing continue to become more diverse. Essentials of Photonics, Second Edition describes the entire range of photonic principles and techniques in detail. Previously named Essentials of Optoelectronics, this newly named second edition of a bestseller felects changes that have occurred in this field. The book presents a new approach that concentrates on the physical principbestles, demonstrating their interdependence, and developing them to explain more complex phenomena. It gives insight into the underlying physical processes in a way that is readable and easy to follow, as well as entirely self-contained. Written by an author with many years of experience in teaching and research, this book includes a detailed treatment of lasers, waveguides (including optical fibres), modulators, detectors, non-linear optics and optical signal processing. This new edition is brought up-to-date with additional sections on photonic crystal fibres, distributed optical-fibre sensing, and the latest developments in optical-fibre communications.... solids, 178 Boltzmann relation light and matter and, 121 Communications, optical fibres for, 267a€“281 amplifier schematic, ... 152 Boltzmann statistics Fermi- Dirac function and, 441 second-harmonic generation and, 441 Bose-Einstein statistics, ... 322 important feature, 323 momentum conservation for, 322 stimulated Brillouin scattering, 321 Stokes backscattered signal, 321 Brillouin zone diagram, 182anbsp;...

Title:Essentials of Photonics, Second Edition
Author:Alan Rogers
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-12-05


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