Etale Cohomology Theory

Etale Cohomology Theory

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Etale cohomology is an important branch in arithmetic geometry. This book covers the main materials in SGA 1, SGA 4, SGA 4 1/2 and SGA 5 on etale cohomology theory, which includes decent theory, etale fundamental groups, Galois cohomology, etale cohomology, derived categories, base change theorems, duality, and l-adic cohomology. The prerequisites for reading this book are basic algebraic geometry and advanced commutative algebra.Proof. By 5.3.4, we have a canonical Xa€”morphism X01 G X0. From its construction, one can show this is a fiat morphism. Taking strict localizations at sa#39; of the following commutative diagram, Xsa#39; a€”agt; X5; l 1/ X we get the commutative diagramanbsp;...

Title:Etale Cohomology Theory
Author:Lei Fu
Publisher:World Scientific - 2011


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