Ethical Theory

Ethical Theory

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This anthology is designed for use as a brief introduction to ethical theory. Included are sections on various forms of ethical theory: Ethical Relativism; Divine Command Theory; Egoism; Consequentialism; Deontology; Justice; Virtue Ethics; and Feminist Ethics. Each section includes two or three of the most important and interesting contributions to the field, together with brief introductions by the editors. A final section, Theories in Practice, consists of five selections on the issues of abortion, world poverty, and affirmative action.In this article he argues that abortion is wrong in all but the most exceptional circumstances. According to Marquis, the ... The purpose of this essay is to undermine this general belief. The essay sets out an ... A sketch of standard anti- abortion and pro-choice arguments exhibits how Why Abortion Is Immoral, Donald Marquis.

Title:Ethical Theory
Author:Heimir Giersson, Margaret Holmgren
Publisher:Broadview Press - 2000-06-28


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