Ethics in Medicine

Ethics in Medicine

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This book both presents a succinct history of medical ethics and discusses a wide range of important ethical dilemmas in the provision of modern health care. A synopsis is provided of ethics through the ages and the role of ethics in the evolution of medicine. Principles and sources of medical ethics, as well as different religious and secular perspectives, are explained. Ethical concerns in relation to a variety of specific issues are then examined. These issues include, for example, human experimentation, stem cell research, assisted reproductive technologies, termination of pregnancy, rationing of health care, euthanasia, and quality of life issues. The authora€™s many years of practicing medicine in different cultures and countries and his passion for theology works, philosophy, literature, poetry, history, and anthropology have informed and enriched the contents of this stimulating book.Some of its chapters deal with issues discussed in my essays; hence, it may be worth my while to include the abstracts from ... He has total command on his mother tongue Urdu, which was nurtured by such greats as Vali Duccani, Meer o Ghalib, Anis o ... to the Punjab for keeping the language thriving, indeed, flourishing, for which thanks are due to Iqbal, o Faiz o Faraz. ... Due to the possibility of facing adversity and gravity, Allama Iqbal had consoled his symbolic a#39; uqaba#39;, as follows:anbsp;...

Title:Ethics in Medicine
Author:Shabih H. Zaidi
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-12-11


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