Ethnicity in the Caribbean

Ethnicity in the Caribbean

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Race and biologized conceptions of ethnicity have been potent factors in the making of the Americas. They remain crucial, even if more ambiguously than before. This collection of essays addresses the workings of ethnicity in the Caribbean, a part of the Americas where, from the early days of empire through todaya€™s post-colonial limbo, this phenomenon has arguably remained in the center of public society as well as private life. These analyses of race and nation-building, increasingly significant in todaya€™s world, are widely pertinent to the study of current and international relations. The ten prominent scholars contributing to this book focus on the significance of ethnicity for social structure and national identity in the Caribbean. Their essays span a period from the initial European colonization right through todaya€™s paradoxical balance sheet of decolonization. They deal with the entire region as well as the significance of the diaspora and the continuing impact of metropolitan linkages. The topics addressed vary from the international repercussions of Haitia€™s black revolution through the position of French Caribbean bAckAcs and the Barbadian a€˜redlegsa€™ to race in revolutionary Cuba; from Puerto Rican dance etiquette through the Latin American and Caribbean identity essay to the discourse of Dominican nationhood; and from a musAce imaginaire in Guyane through Jamaicaa€™s post independence culture to the predicament of Dutch Caribbean decolonization. Taken together, these essays provide a rare and extraordinarily rich comparative perspective to the study of ethnicity as a crucial factor shaping both intimate relations and the public and even international dimension of Caribbean societies.honey, Creole-style furniture, framed butterflies and hairy spiders, as well as displays of Nissan and Renault pickup trucks and solar ... A double tape deck and AM-FM stereo were built into the headboard and a re mote -control color television into the footboard. The top of the canopy was acoustically padded, with the TV antenna perched on top and the wiring discreetly set into grooves in the woodwork.

Title:Ethnicity in the Caribbean
Author:Gert Oostindie
Publisher:Amsterdam University Press - 2005-10-01


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