Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future

Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future

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Can the eurozonea€™s emergence from crisis turn into a real economic recovery and a new vision for Europea€™s future? Or is Europe heading for a a€œlost decadea€ in terms of growth and a rise in old style nationalism? Kemal DerviAŸ and Jacques Mistral have assembled an international group of economic analysts who provide perspectives on the most audacious supranational governance experiment in history. Will the crisis mark the end of the dream of a€œever closer uniona€ or lead to a renewed impetus to integrate, perhaps taking novel forms? Among the key issues explored are the Am Onset, evolution, and ramifications of the euro crisis from the perspective of three countries especially hard hita€”Greece, Italy, and Spain. Am Concerns, priorities, and issues in France and Germany, the couple that has so far always driven European integration. Am Effects and lessons in two key policy areas: banking union and social policies. The volume concludes with a possible renewed vision for the EU in the 2020s, including much greater political integration but where some countries may keep their national currencies and share less of their sovereignty. It is a vision of two Europes within one, ready for the twenty-first century.of Renault: it can be said that Renault is a a€œprice-takera€ and Audi a a€œpricemakera€; true enough, but how did Audi, which was a second-tier producer ... of a producta#39;s life: innovation, quality supervision, design, marketing, sales networks, advertising, customer service, and others. ... world, told the truth to the voters, and made the economic and financial decisions that were more and more clearly necessary.

Title:Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future
Author:Kemal Dervis, Jacques Mistral
Publisher:Brookings Institution Press - 2014-05-05


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