Evaluating the Circumstances

Evaluating the Circumstances

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ITa€™S FINALLY HERE As a boy growing up, I always wondered if there was something more to life than what I was taught, surprisingly enough, there really is, much more than you would expect. Through the experiences in life, research and of luck or was it? I have observed that the, supposedly, intelligent people in the world might not be so wise after all. I have learned, as you are maturing out in society that some of life is a humongous cover up. Explaining this to you means, all of these lies exist out of religion and politics. I used to believe that mom and dad were responsible for these lies that were told to us, BUT only because they didna€™t know that they were being lied to also. It never had crossed their minds of anything being wrong in society because thata€™s just the way the system works. However, even though I expose these lies to you, some will be agitated by the information for the reasoning of a€œParents are never wronga€ at least not your parents , therefore society, proceeds along for you, on the merry way of ignorance for not even considering that perhaps it just might be true. This book is not written to convert you to any particular religion or towards any corrupt ways of politics. It only provides you with information which otherwise was hidden from you, purposely or it was unavailable for you. The choice of belief or of non belief is of your choice. It may appear to you while reading this book that I am prejudice and or biased in my writing. This is a misconception on the part of the reader showing me, as well as to others, that you do not understand that of what you are reading and of what the writing was intended for. I certainly am not a a€˜Goda€™ nor a prophet but a concerned human being who is upset because if you are less aware of a situation then the more people are suckered into a unseeingly way of life, controlled by those who know how to manipulate the masses of people. THE BEAUTY OF LIFE HAS BEEN CORRUPTEDGood old a€œDoubting Thomasa€; reference to the holes in a€žJesusa€Ÿ handsa€Ÿ. I guess I follow more into logic then mythical monologues of religions. George Carlin hits the nail on its head when he said; I quote a€œIf you do not do what a€žGODa€Ÿ says, anbsp;...

Title:Evaluating the Circumstances
Author:John P. Hunter III
Publisher:John P. Hunter III - 2014-07-28


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