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This book covers topics on the basic models, assessments, and techniques to calculate evapotranspiration (ET) for practical applications in agriculture, forestry, and urban science. This simple and thorough guide provides the information and techniques necessary to develop, manage, interpret, and apply evapotranspiration ET data to practical applications. The simplicity of the contents assists technicians in developing ET data for effective water management.Deswal S.; Mahesh Pal, a€œArtificial Neural Network based Modeling of Evaporation Losses in Reservoirs, a€ Proc. of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 2008, 29, 279a€”283. ... Dimri, A. P.; Mohanty, U. C.; Madan, O. P.; Ravi N.; a€œStatistical model-based forecast of minimum and maximum temperatures atManali, a€ Current Science, 2002, 82(8), 25a€”27. ... hourly concentrations, in the GreaterArea of Athens, Greece, a€Atmospheric environment, 2006, 40(7), 1216a€”1229.

Author:Megh R Goyal, Eric W. Harmsen
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-09-26


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