Even More Brain-powered Science

Even More Brain-powered Science

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The third of Thomas OOCOBrienOCOs books designed for 5OCo12 grade science teachers, Even More Brain-Powered Science uses questions and inquiry-oriented discrepant eventsOCoexperiments or demonstrations in which the outcomes are not what students expectOCoto dispute misconceptions and challenge students to think about, discuss, and examine the real outcomes of the experiments. OOCOBrien has developed interactive activitiesOComany of which use inexpensive materialsOCoto engage the natural curiosity of both teachers and students and create new levels of scientific understanding.qAsk the learners to predict-observe-explain (POE) what shape they think water will assume when drops (from an eyedropper) ... learners play with these questions and materials to see what they can discover before proceeding to the next exploration. ... Neither teacher-designed nor student-generated questions should be answered by the teacher during this phase. The key is to let the phenomenon raise questions that students find interesting and that provide opportunities for studentsanbsp;...

Title:Even More Brain-powered Science
Author:Thomas O'Brien
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2011


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