evi1 - a novel about you

evi1 - a novel about you

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The most evil man on earth (you) becomes God. He starts off as a sociopath chemist with a bizarre coffee fetish who soon finds himself to be the owner of a gourmet coffee shop chain. From there the story quickly spirals out of control. Read about how he (or you!) takes over the universe. It also contains realistic accounts of the primary religious figures in history -- Moses, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. This novel contains acts of violence, profanity, and is pretty well guaranteed to offend most anyone. Think qHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxyq mixed with qA Clockwork Orangeq, qTruly Tasteless Jokesq, q120 Days of Sodomq, qThe Anarchist's Cookbookq, and qOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fishq. This novel is also about coffee.Do these Goddamn kids do nothing with their wasted lives except write filth all over your bathroom walls? ... The main gaseous products are carbon dioxide and water, from the cowsa#39; respiration, and methane, hydrogen, and ammonia ... You expect a few chuckles when you put up the diagram on the overhead projector.

Title:evi1 - a novel about you
Author:Darth Figpucker, The Highly Inappropriate
Publisher:Darth Figpucker - 2014-02-03


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