Evidence for Psi

Evidence for Psi

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qAs science advances, the lines between fantasy and fact can bend and sometimes break. Pay attention while a line is bending and you can gain startling glimpses into whole new realms of discovery. Broderick and Goertzel have been paying attention.q-- Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences. qPsiq is the term used by researchers for a variety of demonstrable but elusive psychic phenomena. This collection of essays provides a detailed survey of the evidence for psi at the level of scientific examination. Key features of apparent psi phenomena are reviewed, including precognition and remote perception (knowledge of future or distant events that cannot be inferred from present information), presentiment (physiological responses to stimuli that have not yet occurred), the effects of human emotions on globally dispersed machines, the possible impact of local sidereal time on psi performance, and the familiar feeling of knowing who is calling on the phone. Special attention is given to those phenomena that make it difficult for scientists to get a clear understanding of psi. The body of psi research, while complex and frustrating, is shown to contain sufficiently compelling positive evidence to convince the rational open-minded observer that psi is real, and that one or more physical processes probably underlie observed psi phenomena.This essay examines the role statistics can play in summarizing and drawing conclusions from individual and collective studies. ... The second category, of concern in this essay, includes topics that can be invited to occur on demand.

Title:Evidence for Psi
Author:Damien Broderick, Ben Goertzel
Publisher:McFarland - 2014-11-05


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