Evil Harvest

Evil Harvest

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Twelve-year-old Anthony Petrucci moves with his parents to a quaint, old farmhouse outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the house and the barn out back were built sometime in the 1870s. Anthony feels drawn to the barn and sometimes thinks he hears whispers when hea€™s inside; strangely, the voices do not haunt but instead bring comfort to him. Anthony soon makes the acquaintance of a boy his age named Sammy, and they become fast friends. Little do they know a dangerous serial killer lives a mere ten minutes from where they play. Jigs Seederly has no soul; hea€™s already sold himself to the forces of evil. He decides to summon evil incarnate, a course that requires Jiga€™s own death to set the plan in motion. Anthonya€™s father, Army, buys an item at Jiga€™s estate sale that turns out to be imbued with the evil Jigs was trying to resurrect. If all goes according to Jiga€™s plan, evil will rise at the time of Halloween harvest. But Anthony and Sammy have a ghost on their side, and the apocalyptic chaos surrounding them centers around the barn in Anthonya€™s backyard.The driversa#39; window was down in his Honda and the autumn air blowing in, the radio turned up playing one of his favorite songs by Bon Jovi, as Army belted out the ... only, others, like Army, not only wanting unusual items but also planning to put most of them to use. ... Instead of a secrete handshake or code words, they recognized one another by their faded, frayed jeans that always had a darker area atanbsp;...

Title:Evil Harvest
Author:Wendy Ritchie
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-11-28


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