Evolutionary Creation

Evolutionary Creation

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In this provocative book, evolutionist and evangelical Christian Denis O. Lamoureux proposes an approach to origins that moves beyond the 'evolution-versus-creation' debate. Arguing for an intimate relationship between the qBook of God's Wordsq and the qBook of God's Worksq, he presents evolutionary creation - a position that asserts that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit created the universe and life through an ordained and sustained evolutionary process. This view of origins affirms intelligent design and the belief that beauty, complexity and functionality in nature reflect the mind of God. Lamoureux also challenges the popular Christian assumption that the Holy Spirit revealed scientific and historical facts in the opening chapters of the Bible. He contends that 'Scripture features an ancient understanding of origins that functions as vessel to deliver inerrant and infallible messages of faith'. Lamoureux shares his personal story and his struggle in coming to terms with evolution and Christianity. Like many, he lost his boyhood faith at university in classes on evolutionary biology. After graduation, he experienced a born-again conversion and then embraced belief in a literal six-day creation. Graduate school training at the doctoral level in both theology and biology led him to the conclusion that God created the world through evolution. Lamoureux closes with the two most important issues in the origins controversy - the pastoral and pedagogical implications. How should churches approach this volatile topic? And what should Christians teach their children about origins?If unqualified, in this book it is restricted to a€œhuman historya€; that is, human activities in the past. ... Online: http://www.icrsurvey.com/studies/947a1%20Views %20of%20the%20Bible. pdf. ... Online: http://www.pollingreport.com/science.htm. ... 4. See also Mark 10:2a€“9; Luke 11:51; Luke 17:26a€“27. 5. See Exod 31:17; 1 Chr 1:1a€“4; Job 31:33; Ps 33:6a€“9; Isa 54:9; Ezek ... on the Creation-Date Controversy (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 1994); The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances aamp; theanbsp;...

Title:Evolutionary Creation
Author:Denis O. Lamoureux
Publisher:The Lutterworth Press - 2014-12-25


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