Executive Thinking

Executive Thinking

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Life is about how much we think. Thinking is about how much mental capacity we possess. Capacity, in addition to our abilities and conscientiousness, is about how much we can process combinations of verbal height, quantitative width, and spatial depth with decisiveness, direction, and speed. No matter where we go or what we do as executives, we take our thinking with us. That may spoil everything, because, to a great extent, we do and accomplish what we think about. Our thoughts mold our aspirations, attitudes and accomplishments during our life. In other words, our careers and lives are influenced more by the power of our thoughts than anything else. The bad news is that most of us never fully use our mental capacities and never achieve our potential. The good news is that neural technologies are now available to transform our thinking into the higher realms of brilliance. Developing the spatial capacity to think higher, wider, and deeper means breaking away from the effects of years of flat thinking or educational backgrounds that stifles creative/innovative potential. Expand your mental agility through a development of higher-order processes and discover a whole new world mentally in Executive Thinking.For example, in 1951 it was found that an engineer required a minimum general learning aptitude at the 95th percentile (125), a minimum numerical aptitude at the 84th percentile (115), and a minimum spatial aptitude at the 84th percentile ( 115). ... must be trained after hiring, the GATB predicts job performance far better than any known alternative except other directly congruent ability testsa€ (1994, p.

Title:Executive Thinking
Author:Morris Graham, PhD,; Kevin Baize, OD
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-02-18


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