Exemplary Science in Grades PreK-4

Exemplary Science in Grades PreK-4

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Since their release in 1996, the US National Science Standards have provided the vision for science education reform. But has that reform actually taken hold in elementary school? qYes!q reports Robert Yager, editor of Exemplary Science in Grades PreK - 4: Standards-Based Success Stories, qProbably the Standards have done more to change science in elementary schools than has occurred at the other grade levels. Evidence of change is apparent in this fourth volume of the Exemplary Science monograph series, an essay collection featuring educators in PreK - 4 describing programs they've developed to fulfill the Standards' More Emphasis guidelines. The 14 programs are real-life examples you can learn from in carrying out reforms in teaching, assessment, professional development, and content. Among the topics covered: qAdapting Science Curricula in the Kindergarten Classroom, q qBuilding on the Natural Wonder Inherent in Us All, q qGuiding Students in Active and Extended Scientific Inquiry, q qActive Integrated Inquiry in an Afterschool Setting, q and qThinking Outside the Box: No Child Left Inside!q As Yager writes in the book's introduction, qThe 14 exemplary programs can be seen as models for other teachers, not just to copy, but as ways of approaching science and encouraging their students to do more of what they like...q When both teachers and students are enthused, curious, and involved, science becomes central to the lives of students and others in the community and can tie the whole school experience together.... student groups here. Supply trunks of equipment and materials for each habitat along the trail have been developed and are exchanged among classrooms. ... Later, students develop dichotomous keys to aid in identification. Several unique anbsp;...

Title:Exemplary Science in Grades PreK-4
Author:Robert Eugene Yager
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2006-01-01


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