Exercise Smart - U.S. Edition

Exercise Smart - U.S. Edition

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Exercise Smart is loaded with unique but easy to apply information. Learn how to exercise to get healthy. Learn how to choose an workout program that's just right for you. (All exercises are described and illustrated.) Learn how to exercise safely in all weather conditions. The eBook is intended for the beginner who wants to improve his or her fitness level and general health and for the person who has already attained some degree of fitness but wants to learn more and go on to the next level. Written for men and women, Exercise Smart is a wonderful up-to-date reference you will return to again and again. This is another sensible eBook you can trust from NoPaperPress. (U.S. units) TABLE OF CONTENTS The Benefits of Being Fit - Cardio Self Assessment - Strength Assessment - Flexibility Assessment - Body-Weight Assessment - BMI-Based Weight vs. Height - The Road to Health Exercise for Health - Be More Active Every Day - Calories Burned - Types of Exercise - Select the Right Exercise - Aerobic Exercise: How Hard? - Aerobic Target-Training Zone - Aerobic Exercise: Intensity-Level - Aerobic Exercise: How Often? - Aerobic Exercise: Typical Workout - Pulse Measurement - Monitors For Aerobic Exercise - Walking Program - Get a Pedometer and Step Out - Jogging Program - Your Bodya€™s Muscles - Strength-Building Programs - Additional Strengthening Exercises - Other Exercises - Missed Workouts - Exercising in Hot Weather - Exercising in Cold Weather - Exercise Risks and Problems - Avoiding Injury - Keep an Exercise Log - A Fitness Experta€™s Ideal Exercise - Workout to Stay Healthy Life-Long Fitness - Set Goals - Have a Plan - Keys to Life-Long Fitness - Make It Happen Bibliography Tables a Figures - Table 1 VO2max versus Fitness Level - Table 2 Push-up Test Performance - Table 3 Squat-Test Performance - Table 4 Sit a Reach Test - Table 5 Body Mass Index (BMI) - Table 6 Weight Profile vs. BMI - Table 7 BMI-Based Weight vs. Height - Table 8 Calories Burned vs. Activity - Table 9 TTZ: 20 to 40 year olds - Table 10 TTZ: 45 to 65 year olds - Table 11 Walking Program - Table 12 Jogging Program - Table 13 Health Risks in Hot Weather - Table 14 Heat Index - Table 15 Wind-Chill Temperature - Table 16 Frostbite Risk vs. Wind-Chill - Table 17 Sample Exercise Log - Figure 1 Stretching Exercises - Figure 2 Dumbbell Exercises (a to c) - Figure 3 Dumbbell Exercises (d to g)Table 8 shows the number of calories burned per hour for various activities. Although the data in the table are from reliable sources, you may find that some of the values are slightly different than those in ... vary (for instance handball can be played at many different levels a€“ with a different number of calories burned at each level). ... First calculate the persona#39;s walking speed = 7 miles / 2 hours = 3.5 mph.

Title:Exercise Smart - U.S. Edition
Author:Earl Simmons
Publisher:NoPaperPress LLC - 2013-11-23


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