Extrusion Control

Extrusion Control

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In a very practical and down-to-earth way the author explains how quality in extrusion can be measured, controlled, and improved. In particular, he conveys an understanding of how extruders should be controlled and what good, closed-loop controls can accomplish. The author's approach and style clearly conveys that he has been involved in this field for many years and that he knows from experience what kind of problems an extrusion operator faces and how to successfully tackle these problems. This book is a helpful tool to improve and stabilize the extrusion process, thus facilitating a more profitable operation. Contents: Introduction - Extruder, Puller, Cutter, Control - Control of the Machine - Temperature, RPM - Control of the Process - Melt Temperature , Melt Pressure, Melt Pump - Control of the Product - Sheet, Blown Film, Tubing and Pipe, Profile, Wire Insulation - Specialty Extrusion - Coextrusion, qBumpq Tubing, Alternating Polymer, Measurement and Control of Viscosity, Unattended Operation - Statistical Quality Controlproducts became the undisputed leader in hi-tech quality products in semiconductors, automobiles, TV, electronics, machine tools, and other industries. They used their newfound ... 15 employees were required on each assembly line for inspection and repair. This plant was later sold to the Japanese and renamed Quasar.

Title:Extrusion Control
Author:Holton E. Harris
Publisher:Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG - 2012-11-12


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