Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut

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This book provides factual highlights about events that have transpired and those that are shaping the world today. Eyes Wide Shut: Understanding the Global System examines some of the most important factors that will affect your future livelihood, as well as, that of your family. Some of the topics discussed include the history of money; the present day value of the United States Dollar (USD); the perception and maintenance of dominance of the USD around the world; organized towers of global political, academia, and military influences; the digital surveillance revolution; constructed methods of mass manipulation; the Social Security a€œTrusta€ Fund; the issues surrounding the Global Warming debate; and more! Author Vivian Ellis, Jr. addresses these topics from a balanced, unbiased, factually grounded, and claim-supported perspective. This book achieves such with over 270 footnotes and embedded reference links. Of which 57% of citations are derived from government documentation; another 21% from direct non-government sources; and the remaining 22% from reputable a recognizable publications. In its first year of publication, over 80, 000 copies of the eBook were downloaded and distributed in 26 countries worldwide. In this five-year anniversary second-edition, author Vivian Ellis, Jr. reflects on the global changes that have occurred since its original release. Be prepared to be well informed!Thomas Jefferson The battle for absolute control (in other words a monopoly) of an instituted commodity inthe U.S. began prior to its formation. ... theircontrol.47 [ FYI, asevere stockmarket crash alone, without the withdrawalof the moneysupply, cannot cause a severe depression.Financial market crashes andbanksblowing uparemerely a smoke screen for a contraction in the monetary supply and/or ... The base rate used to determine mortgages, credit cards, and student loan rates 3.

Title:Eyes Wide Shut
Author:Vivian Ellis, Jr.
Publisher:On Da Mic Entertainment, LLC - 2014-09-05


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