Face the Music and Dance

Face the Music and Dance

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DescriptionGuy Dangerfield is young, bright and on his way in life. He'll stroll into university, and has a highly promising future. But almost overnight, this all changes. Fate sends him on it's own journey. He is 18, when his parents are killed and several disastrous events take him to rock bottom. He arduously starts rebuilding his life when, he meets the beautiful Yvie, wealthy and very well connected. But how he can get involved with someone whose lifestyle is a palace to his cowshed ?. He's a fighter though and grimly hangs on till things gradually improve. Eventually he is the only one who can protect Yvie from a group of French Satanists. Colourful, believable characters, a strong sexual thread plus action in Geneva, the Monte Carlo Rally and Chelsea make up a heavily self experienced 'story'. About the AuthorBrian Walker is bipolar which has dictated his life but he is a confirmed seeker. His interest is in life and it's purpose rather than it's glittering prizes. People and their motivations fascinate him as do Life's intangible elements, love, faith, fate, death, compassion, sex, good, evil, and friendship He cut his creative teeth in marketing for three major PLC's working on adverts, products and media liaison winning many writing plaudits. He has also performed as a solo singer songwriter. His first book 'Face the Music and Dance' is a wonderful story, which entertains while exploring many of life's deepest emotions such as love infidelity and compassion. Regular scene changes to interesting places like Geneva, hold the reader's interest as his characters and story develop. The book has already had very favourable previews.I watched the consummate professional teams of Ford and Toyota letting battle commence. I had severe ... Armin Schwarza#39;s Mitsubishi Lancer revving just in front of us sharpened my focus. ... I shouted instructions as the car picked up speed at a terrific rate, 20, 35, 48, 62 mph in ... Driving at 60-80mph on normal roads is easy but on snow covered, twisting roads, some not even on road maps, ita#39;s unreal.

Title:Face the Music and Dance
Author:Brian Walker, Ph.D.
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing ltd - 2011-06-01


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