Facilitator's Guide, How the Brain Learns Mathematics

Facilitator's Guide, How the Brain Learns Mathematics

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qWritten to complement David A. Sousa's bestseller How the Brain Learns Mathematics, this facilitator's guide gives staff developers and workshop leaders all the materials needed to present the latest neuroscientific findings in practical, understandable terms and demonstrate how this information impacts mathematics instruction at all grade levels. You will be able to lead workshops on how the brain develops an understanding of number relationships and processes mathematical concepts, how environmental and developmental factors contribute to difficulties in learning mathematics, and how differentiated mathematics instruction promotes student success.q qStaff developers will find the Facilitator's Guide to How the Brain Learns Mathematics to be an ideal resource for leading professional training for groups of any size - pairs, small workshops, and large seminars.q--BOOK JACKET.We use rote rehearsal to remember a poem, the lyrics and melody of a song, telephone numbers, steps in a procedure, and the multiplication tables. Elaborative rehearsal is used not when it is necessary to store information exactly as learnedanbsp;...

Title:Facilitator's Guide, How the Brain Learns Mathematics
Author:David A. Sousa
Publisher:Corwin Press - 2008


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