Facility Planning And Layout Design

Facility Planning And Layout Design

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Plant Location And LayoutFactors influencing plant location, plant location. Theories of plant location and location economicsPlant LayoutObjectives of plant layout, Principles of plant layout, types of plant layout, their merits and demeritsMaterial HandlingDefinition, principles, system design and selection of equipment, unit load concepts, basic layout types Immer, Nadler, Muther, Apple James and Ree's approaches to plant layout, Modular design concept, Production Line balancing.Computer Aided LayoutCRAFT, COFAD, PLANET, CORELAP, ALDEPSpace Determination And Area AllocationFactors for consideration in space planning, receiving, storage, production, shipping, other auxiliary service actions. Establishing total space requirement, area allocation factors to be considered, expansion, flexibility, aisles column and area allocation procedure. Design of layout using. Travel chart, plot plan, block plan, Sequence demand straight line method and non-directional method.Construction Of The LayoutMethod of constructing the layout, evaluation of layout, efficiency indices, presenting layout to management, implementing layout.Quantitative Approaches to Facilities PlanningDeterministic model single and multi facility location models. Location allocation problems-quadratic assignment problem, Warehouse layout models, plant location problems. Convey models. Storage models.Probabilistic ModelsConveyor models, waiting line models and simulation models. Evaluation, Selection, implementation and maintenance of the facilities plan.Plant Location And LayoutFactors influencing plant location, plant location.

Title:Facility Planning And Layout Design
Author:Chandrashekar Hiregoudar
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2007-01-01


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