Faith-Based Education That Constructs

Faith-Based Education That Constructs

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Constructivism is everywhere. It is a hot issue at this time in the field of philosophy, education, technology, and religion. However, can constructivism be an alternative approach in faith-based education? While some conclude that Jesus knew learning was an active knowledge-creating process, and that he always encouraged his disciples to think deeply and go beyond the surface level, others would find that constructivism undercuts faith-based education because of its claims to relativity. For example, constructivists claim that meaning is imposed on the world by us rather than existing in the world independently from us. Thus, they proclaim that truth is relative to particular times, places, and people. Christians hold that truth does exist absolutely. So how can there be a way forward for faith-based educators who see the good in the constructivist approach? In Faith-Based Education that Constructs readers will find a unique approach whereby constructivism may appropriately be applied to a faith-based education setting. Although disagreement can occur between constructivism and faith-based education, this book concludes that constructivist thought and Christian faith-based education are, in the end, congruent and harmonious in significant ways. Those faith-based educators who continue to hold cautionary views of radical constructivist assertions against absolute truths need not disregard all other aspects of constructivism.He never gave the answer directly to his disciples; rather, he allowed his disciples to explore a hypothesis to find the answer to the question. ... setting. identifying the key characteristics of constructivism as a learning theory and connecting it with faith-based education, ... the author suggests that constructivism teaches students how to ask the a€œbiga€ questions and learn through exploration by reflecting onanbsp;...

Title:Faith-Based Education That Constructs
Author:HeeKap Lee
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2010-08-09


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