Faith in Honesty

Faith in Honesty

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How, if at all, is religious faith 'true'? The starting point for this book is that traditional Christian theology overvalues the importance of 'correctness'. What really counts far more is 'Honesty'. Not just sincerity or frankness, but Honesty in the sense of a sheer openness to the Other. A set of skills, Andrew Shanks argues, which the church has very much still to learn. True faith in God is faith in Honesty. But theological Honesty has three faces. It stands equally opposed to banality, manipulation, the mere disowning of history. This book thus presents a whole new approach to the doctrine of the Trinity. A fresh stimulus to theological debate at academic, student and more popular levels.As an essay in grand narrative, it is very flimsy. Good grand narrative must surely include some account of how it is that the particular historical perspective it represents has now, as a matter of historical fact, become possible. In that sense, theanbsp;...

Title:Faith in Honesty
Author:Andrew Shanks
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2007


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