Falling Into his Trap

Falling Into his Trap

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In 1944, Manon is born in Montreal to parents rooted in rural northern Quebec. Her father decides to leave the family a few months after she is born. As he would never return home, her mother raises her in poor conditions. Manon grows up to be a shy, innocent, and lonely girl. At age 22, during the turbulent years of the so-called Quiet Revolution in Quebec, Manon becomes pregnant out of wedlock. When she decides to keep her pregnancy, she faces the judgment and condescending attitudes and remarks from her overly religious and rather hostile neighbors. She finds the support of her mother absolutely necessary, and she learns about the tremendous strength that she has within as she faces the social stigma successfully. Falling Into his Trap is a stark portrayal of a period of fundamental change in the Quebec society, and the suffering of women at a time when abortion was illegal in Canada. From Falling Into his Trap: ...The whole neighborhood rose like a riot against me. I am a sinner they said, but they never asked who he was, or how it happened, as if he never existed; and my voice was lost in the crowd, and I started doubting my innocence. So, I blamed myself for being too attractive; I blamed my hair for being too long, yet the truth choked me in my throat. The truth had to come out, or else I would suffocate and die. How a lonely and shy girl falls into his trap! I should have known though, the hand of a lawyer is not rough and big like a farmer's hand, that day when we were introduced, and I felt the squeeze of his hand. Later I discovered the reckless side of his character was hidden behind his gentle words.Histone was formal, and he said that we would go for supper on Saturday evening, and that he would wait for me at the corner on the ... I planned to tell her at the right moment that I have a boy friend like everybody else in the city. ... a€œI want to ask you, how long it takes to get pregnant, I mean after relationship, you know?

Title:Falling Into his Trap
Author:Emile D. Murad
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-11-05


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