Fallschirmjöger: German Paratrooper 1935-45

Fallschirmjöger: German Paratrooper 1935-45

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Few of the combatants of World War II have captured the imagination as compulsively as the FallschirmjApger. Boldness and courage were vital characteristics in the rigorous selection process, and their training was highly demanding. Hitler's airborne troops were involved in some of the most daring actions of the whole war; from the 1940 assault on Eben Emael and the invasion of Crete in 1941, to the rescue of Mussolini and the attempt on Tito's life. In addition, they saw service as elite line infantry in the key theatres of North West Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Front. This book looks at the life and experiences of the average FallschirmjApger, and includes first-hand accounts from different theatres and periods of the war.Manual skills, such as field stripping and re-assembling weapons - again, against the clock - came under scrutiny too. ... The latter were not just to test candidatesa#39; knowledge, but also their literacy and fluency. ... units (RTUa#39;d) as good soldiers but unsuitable paratrooper material, was the interview, which was conducted by Major Richard Heidrich in most cases. ... Schmidt and the others had all discussed what they were going to say, but he had kept one answer carefully to himself.

Title:Fallschirmjöger: German Paratrooper 1935-45
Author:Bruce Quarrie
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-07-20


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