Family Entrepreneur

Family Entrepreneur

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A course in family-business entrepreneurship, taught through a narrative about four frustrated people taking a seminar that changes their lives. Limited time offer. In the second book in the Entrepreneurial Edge series, frustrated individuals, immersed in family businesses, enroll in a two-week course on entrepreneurship that will change their lives. For ten years Mary has been an office manager at her brothera€™s business only to see her younger brother join the company and receive shares while she gets none. Plagued by doubts about her ability to change the culture in the family business or succeed outside it, Mary signs up for a seminar series on family entrepreneurship. A crusty mentor named Sam conducts the seminars in a class that includes three others: a son considering taking over a family business, the owner of a successful company involving her two daughters, and a man with a stormy working relationship with his sister. The narrative brings us right into the class as Sam cleverly leads all of us to decisions about our future. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship, starting a business, or just managing their career will benefit from the shared experiences of this compelling story. Watch for Ageless Entrepreneur, arriving May 2015.Tim has arranged for areunion this weekend at theinn, butwe have stayed in touch. ... terms of the trust require approval from thetwo trustees for a business proposal before any funds are released. Lauren has become great friends with Monica Simmonds and is currently studying at the Fashion Institute in New York City.

Title:Family Entrepreneur
Author:Fred Dawkins
Publisher:Dundurn - 2014-10-10


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