Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy

Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy

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This book describes developments in the field of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy or nanoscopy. In 11 chapters, distinguished scientists and leaders in their respective fields describe different nanoscopy approaches, various labeling technologies, and concrete applications. The topics covered include the principles and applications of the most popular nanoscopy techniques STED and (f)PALM/STORM, along with advances brought about by fluorescent proteins and organic dyes optimized for fluorescence nanoscopy. Furthermore, the photophysics of fluorescent labels is addressed, specifically for improving their photoswitching capabilities. Important applications are also discussed, such as the tracking and counting of molecules to determine acting forces in cells, and quantitative cellular imaging, respectively, as well as the mapping of chemical reaction centers at the nano-scale. The 2014 Chemistry Nobel PrizeAr was awarded for the ground-breaking developments of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. In this book, which was co-edited by one of the prize winners, readers will find the most recent developments in this field.JAm Chem Soc 132(43):15099a€“15101 Klein T, Loschberger A, Proppert S, Wolter S, van de Linde SV, Sauer M (2011) ... Biophys J 99(4):1303a€“1310 Sengupta P, Jovanovic-Talisman T, Skoko D, Renz M, Veatch SL, Lippincott- Schwartz J (2011) Probing protein heterogeneity in the plasma membrane ... Nat Methods 8(9):771a€“777 Goldman RD, Spector DL (2005) Live cell imaging: a laboratory manual.

Title:Far-Field Optical Nanoscopy
Author:Philip Tinnefeld, Christian Eggeling, Stefan W. Hell
Publisher:Springer - 2015-02-07


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