Fate of King Saul

Fate of King Saul

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David M. Gunn wrote The Fate of King Saul to inspire a renewed interest in the study of the Old Testament as well as the study of Saul. He explores the study of Saul and researches the narrative aspect of the books of Samuel. Additionally, he also researches the narrative that is a part of the Old Testament since the content can be complicated and difficult to understand.An Interpretation of a Biblical Story David M. Gunn. Amalekitesaquot; ... Unlike Saul ( with the Kenites and King Agag) David spares no one; like Saul he brings back ( but to the Philistines, not to Yahweh at Gilgal) the best of the booty - with impunity , for there are no finely worded hedges (whether of hrm or zbh) around his activity .

Title:Fate of King Saul
Author:David M. Gunn
Publisher:A&C Black - 1980-05-01


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