Faulty Wiring

Faulty Wiring

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Keith Blenman returns with his second collection of offbeat short fiction. From the misadventure of a delightfully deceptive statistical engineer to a sidesplitting deal with Death, these stories will definitely leave you thinking. What about? Well, we don't know. But thinking will be done. Happy thoughts. Sad thoughts. Oh yes, your mind will wander in so many tangled and loopy directions; we can't even begin to describe them. But they're loopy. So loopy in fact, you may want to lie down. But first, crack this bad boy to the first page and get ready for the occasionally dark, typically bizarre and always entertaining tales from the faulty mind of an author who screams best seller! No, really. He literally screams it. Honestly. He's screaming it in repetition while holding us hostage as we proofread his back cover. Please, just buy Faulty Wiring and recommend it to a friend. Maybe if it sells he'll actually let us go. Please, there's no time. Save us before he decides to write again. Dear God, why haven't you put this in your shopping cart yet? Lives are in the balance! Help us! Set us free! Buy this book!Your sistera#39;s going to be furious when she figures out what we did.a€ a€œShea#39;s my sister now?a€ Ashe laughed. a€œGreat, I just bought my way into a family. Thanks, Pops. Ita#39;s good to know what it takes.a€ a€œWell, A hundred thousand dollarsa#39;ll do that.

Title:Faulty Wiring
Author:Keith Blenman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-01


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