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Featured Reviews in "Mathematical Reviews" 1995-1996

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This collection of reprinted 'Featured Reviews' published in Mathematical Reviews (MR) in 1995 and 1996 makes widely available informed reviews of some of the best mathematics published recently. 'Featured Reviews' were introduced in MR at the beginning of 1995 in part to provide some guidance to the current research-level literature. With the exponential growth of publications in mathematical research in the first half-century of MR, it had become essentially impossible for users of MR to identify the most important new research-level books and papers, especially in fields outside of the users' own expertise. This work identifies some of the qbestq new publications, papers, and books that are expected to have a significant impact on the area of pure or applied mathematics with which researchers are concerned. All of the papers reviewed here contain interesting new ideas or applications, a deep synthesis of existing ideas, or any combination of these. The volume is intended to lead the user to important new research across all fields covered by MR.Reviews of Outstanding Recent Books and Papers Donald G. Babbitt, Jane E. Kister ... The main theorem of the paper gives the complete answer for the /^-adic integers, where p is an odd prime. ... theory, Lecture Notes in Math., 1213, Springer, Berlin, 1986; MR 88e:55002] with sharply constrained geometric fixed point spectra for finite subgroups of the circle. ... in the spectral sequences for the computation of the homotopy fixed point spectra of / at the cyclic groups CpAr and at 51.

Title:Featured Reviews in "Mathematical Reviews" 1995-1996
Author:Donald G. Babbitt, Jane E. Kister
Publisher:American Mathematical Soc. -


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