Feedback Control Systems

Feedback Control Systems

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Linear control systems, Definitions a elements of control system, Open loop and closed loop control system, Feedback a feedforward control system, Linear a nonlinear control system.Transfer function by block diagram reduction technique a by signal flow graph analysis using Mason's gain formula.Time domain analysis control system, Steady state performance specifications.Time domain analysis : Transient response of first a second order system, For various test signals, Steady state performance specifications.Stability of control system, Determination of stability of control system, Routh Hurwitz criteria, Root locus technique.Frequency response of control system, Co-relation between time domain a frequency domain specifications, Bode plots, Calculation of phase margin and gain margin, Performance of lead and lag network in frequency domain analysis.Mapping theorem, Determination of stability using Nyquist's criterion.State variable representation of control system(SISO, MIMO), Conversion of state variable into transfer function a vice-versa, Solution of state equ., State transition matrix.Control system components, Error detectors, Potentiometers, Synchros, Actuators, Servomotors, Tacho generators, AC a DC servomotors, Stepper motors, Transfer function of AC, DC servosystems.Block. Diagram. Representation. 4.1 Introduction If the given system is complicated, it is very difficult to analyse it as a whole. With the help of ... In block diagram, the interconnection of system components to form a system can be conveniently shown by the blocks arranged in proper sequence. ... Pneumatic valve Output Fig.

Title:Feedback Control Systems
Author:S.C.Goyal U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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