Field Guide to Soils and the Environment Applications of Soil Surveys

Field Guide to Soils and the Environment Applications of Soil Surveys

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The success of the book Soils and the Environment imagination in the applications of soil surveys, illustrates the need for further, more detailed toward the end of improving productivity and information about soil survey interpretations (uses efficiency in the use of soils and the environment. of soil surveys), especially for laypersons, teachers, Although laypersons, teachers, and students are the and students. Much information about soils and primary groups addressed by this Field Guide, the environment is secluded in offices of various other people involved with using soil surveys are agencies and institutions and thus is not readily (or will be) agriculturalists, agronomists, assessors, available to the people who need it. Techniques for botanists, conservationists, contractors, ecologists, finding and using the information are also not well economists, engineers, extension workers, fores known, so there is great need for this Field Guide ters, geologists, groundwater experts, planners, to Soils and the Environment to provide teachers politicians, public health officials, range managers, and learners with exercises that will give them recreationists, soil scientists, wildlife specialists, and many others. This Field Guide complements practice leading to confidence in the manipulation and enhances the book Soils and the Environment and utilization of soil survey data. In a sense, all published in 1981. of us are (or should be) learners and teachers in the use of soil survey information. This Field Guide DONALD R.Gerald W. Olson. can be used to analyze a variety of different soil samples for soluble salts and cations. From the samples collected from the pits, follow the procedures given in the instruction manual for the kit (Hach, 1973). Samples should beanbsp;...

Title:Field Guide to Soils and the Environment Applications of Soil Surveys
Author:Gerald W. Olson
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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