Fight Psycho Boy

Fight Psycho Boy

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Taken from real events, Fight Psycho Boy takes a peculiar look at life from the eyes of Darien; a young boy faced with the pitfalls of living in post-revolution Iran who moves to Sweden where he struggles to fit in, until coming to America where he quickly learns the haunting secrets surrounding his life. Secrets behind the voyage from country to country, secrets of lies and betrayal; a harrowing tale that drives the protagonist into a dizzying spiral of confusion, taking him to incomprehensible depths of madness. A young man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to unfetter his buried pain; he spends his LA nights lashing out with other lost souls in spine-chilling, vicious ways the average person cannot begin to understand. Drowning himself in alcohol, sex, and violence, Darien becomes societya€™s worst nightmare; an anti-hero searching for peace with balled fists and infinite rage looking to find a place to forgive and forget. a€‹ At its core, Fight Psycho Boy outlines the damage of fathers to their sons and gives a blurry view on facing onea€™s fears, overcoming obstacles, the toll of betrayal and the chance for salvation. It's about friendships, an entire generation who have experienced viciousness, sex, drugs, and disaffection in a country where everyonea€™s on their own. Yet through all the turmoil and strife, it stays startlingly funny. Kade trains his perceptive gaze on human behavior and keeps a cultural tab on our civilization over the last thirty years; he treats his lifea€™s agonies with a mixture of comedy and compassion while exposing the moral vacuum at the center of society.Instructions? A thumbs up? the car just keeps driving and just as I open my mouth to say something, in all probability to scold this dumbass ... I spit the rest out and before I know it I find myself giving Tackleberry a quick pep talk to jar him in some kind of action, anything. ... horrified by this possibility but Ia#39;m robotically shaking my head no, clearly another denial on my part as if by doing so none of this isanbsp;...

Title:Fight Psycho Boy
Author:Darien Kade
Publisher:Fight Psycho Boy - 2014-10-10


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