Film Studies

Film Studies

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Film Studies: A Global Introduction reroutes film studies from its Euro-American focus and canon in order to introduce students to a medium that has always been global but has become differently and insistently so in the digital age. Glyn Davis, Kay Dickinson, Lisa Patti and Amy Villarejoa€™s approach encourages readers to think about film holistically by looking beyond the textual analysis of key films. In contrast, it engages with other vital areas, such as financing, labour, marketing, distribution, exhibition, preservation, and politics, reflecting contemporary aspects of cinema production and consumption worldwide. Key features of the book include: clear definitions of the key terms at the foundation of film studies coverage of the work of key thinkers, explained in their social and historical context a broad range of relevant case studies that reflect the booka€™s approach to global cinema, from Italian qwhite telephoneq films to Mexican wrestling films innovative and flexible exercises to help readers enhance their understanding of the histories, theories, and examples introduced in each chapter an extensive Interlude introducing readers to formal analysis through the careful explication and application of key terms a detailed discussion of strategies for writing about cinema Films Studies: A Global Introduction will appeal to students studying film today and aspiring to work in the industry, as well as those eager to understand the world of images and screens in which we all live.5 A specific idea for the essaya#39;s conclusion rather than simply the word a€œ conclusion.a€ A working outline is a flexible document. As your plans for your essay change, you should revise your working outline to reflect those changes. During theanbsp;...

Title:Film Studies
Author:Glyn Davis, Professor Glyn Davis, Dr Dr, Kay Dickinson, Lisa Patti, Amy Villarejo
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-02-20


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