Final Cut

Final Cut

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When a movie production entourage invades Chris Landruma€™s close-knit South Carolina island community, he is among the first in an excited crowd who gather to watch the filming. Unfortunately, it is not long before tragedy strikes and the filma€™s director drowns while on a fishing expedition. But when one of Chrisa€™s friends barely escapes death in an accident on the set one day, Chris becomes convinced the accident is no accident at all. As fear replaces anticipation on Folly Beach, Chris and his close friend Charlesa€”a self-anointed private detectivea€”embark on an investigation. They get to know members of the moviea€™s entourage and soon suspect one of the actors might be playing more than the role of a killer. Immersed in determining why the movie set is plagued with accidents as well as dealing with their own personal problems, Chris and Charles are just as surprised as everyone else when a fisherman catches the one he wishes had gotten awaya€”the corpse of one of the moviea€™s stars. Now Chris must face what could be the final minutes of his life when he learns that nothing is what it appears to be in the magical world of the movies.Charles was off doing whatever gofers do, andI spentseveral hours doingwhat struggling shop owners do.Thatincludedpaying insurance and utility bills and sometax preparationa€”frustrating, expensive, boring. Things got less ... Both were in their early thirties with blackhair thatlooked like it had been styled by a greasecoveredauto mechanic. Every time Ia#39;d seen them on a set, they wore blackT shirts with the sleeves ripped out, black jeans, and threedayold beards. Rodney seemed toanbsp;...

Title:Final Cut
Author:Bill Noel
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-10-28


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