Final Fantasy X HD - Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy X HD - Strategy Guide

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Join us as you journey across Spira as Tidus, a slightly whiny surfer-type who bears a striking resemblance to Meg Ryan. He is forced to grow up when he is thrown 1000 years into the future where he meets a beautiful girl and his own past in an unforgettable story. Final Fantasy X is one of the most loved games in the series and the HD Remaster offers you another chance to relive it all. We are here to offer insight, sarcastic comments and also useful information and a detailed guide of the world of Spira and its denizens. You can expect to find: - A comprehensive walkthrough from start to finish, offering information on all the niggly bits. Lightning dodging anyone? - All side quests covered from the Monster Arena to Celestial Weapons. - All optional bosses like Dark Aeons and Omega Weapon. - Blitzball tips so you can laugh in the face of the Goers as you beat them 30-0 repeatedly. - Tips for Gil and AP grinding and much more.Hello, and welcome to my first PlayStation 3/Vita guide. ... very fun games to play, if but a bit lengthy, and perfect material for at least warming me up to the newer PlayStation consoles. After all, who knows, I might work on Kingdom Hearts 2.5.

Title:Final Fantasy X HD - Strategy Guide
Publisher:Gamer Guides - 2015-10-22


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