Final Fantasy XIII - Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XIII - Strategy Guide

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Six people, from very different backgrounds, get thrown together in a series of tumultuous events. A Pulse fal'Cie (a demi-god) has been found in the seaside town of Bodhum, a place where the fates of everyone converge and the discovery sets in motion a chain of events that will change the world forever. An innocent fireworks display in the town soon turns nasty when government soldiers storm the peaceful celebration and commit everyone to the Purge (sending individuals qcontaminatedq by the Pulse fal'Cie into exile). This is where your story and legend begins. Can you fight fate? Our guide covers everything you need to complete the game 100% including: - A complete walkthrough of all thirteen chapters. - All Cie'th stone marks and missions completed, with detailed strategies for every one. - Weapons and Shop lists and much more! Coming Soon Version 1.1 - A detailed guide on the optimum Crystarium paths for all characters as well as optional uses for them. - An upgrade guide for the most efficient way to level up your weapons to save you time and a lot of Gil. - Complete trophy/achievement guide.Never SellAny Accessories: Several accessories exist in limited quantities, and if you sell them, you wona#39;t get a chance to get it again. ... entries some enemies spawn other enemies into battle, but they will never get the chance to do so if you kill them too quickly. ... Your HP is also completely recovered after each battle. ... Star ranking has three uses: a) Beating the final boss with five stars gives you a trophy. b) Beating all Ciea#39;th Stone Missions with five stars gives you a PS3 theme andanbsp;...

Title:Final Fantasy XIII - Strategy Guide
Publisher:Gamer Guides - 2015-11-07


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