Finding Higher Ground

Finding Higher Ground

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While much of the global warming conversation rightly focuses on reducing our carbon footprint, the reality is that even if we were to immediately cease emissions, we would still face climate change into the next millennium. In Finding Higher Ground, Amy Seidl takes the uniquely positivea€”yet realistica€”position that humans and animals can adapt and persist despite these changes. Drawing on an emerging body of scientific research, Seidl brings us stories of adaptation from the natural world and from human communities. She offers examples of how plants, insects, birds, and mammals are already adapting both behaviorally and genetically. While some species will be unable to adapt to new conditions quickly enough to survive, Seidl argues that those that do can show us how to increase our own capacity for resilience if we work to change our collective behavior. In looking at climate change as an opportunity to establish new cultural norms, Seidl inspires readers to move beyond loss and offers a refreshing call to evolve. From the Hardcover edition.It took several tugs on the lawn-mower-type pull cord to get the carburetor started, but it produced enough energy to run our ... Panel wires entered the log cabin through a hole drilled in the chinking and led down to two lead-acid car batteries with Sears labels still glued to the side. ... My off-the-grid house on a wooded hillside in Vermonta#39;s Green Mountains gets its energy from the same set of parts.

Title:Finding Higher Ground
Author:Amy Seidl
Publisher:Beacon Press - 2011-06-07


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