Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu

Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu

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Kris Deva North blends an enjoyable mix of anecdotes from his travels, to hara diagnoses and five element theories. North is founder and Master of the Zen School of Shiatsu and has been involved in healing work since the 1970s. He has a wealth of experience including appearing on UK national television demonstrating Taoist healing and tantric practices and a documentary of his work. The reader joins North as he travels the globe and learns from Masters in Japan, Africa, Nepal, Hawaii and Australia. After too many mushrooms and too much partying, North cleans up his act and focuses more intently on his shiatsu practice and commences what turns into the Zen School of Shiatsu. North challenges the shiatsuka (shiatsu therapist) to throw away the textbooks and allow intuition to flow. He describes his experiences of being mentored by Takeo Suzuki in Tokyo. Suzuki states after observing North's shiatsu practice that ` do it like a mechanic...when you lose connection with the body, you lose connection shiatsu awareness is sensitivity...Empty your mind of all that learning...' North realizes that `Memorising symptoms and pushing points were of this world; seeing into the essence a step into spirit.' One aspect of this book's usefulness lies in challenging the shiatsu practitioner to contemplate their own shiatsu practice. Where are we at with it? Are we allowing ourselves to flow and find the spirit in our shiatsu practice?An Instruction Manual in the Art of Gentle Healing Kris Deva North ... but in the post-war restoration of Japan the rival and even more rationalistic Namikoshi system, based on western neurology, became the one officially recognised in Japan.

Title:Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu
Author:Kris Deva North
Publisher:Kris Deva North - 2013-10-13


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