Finding Your

Finding Your "A" Game

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An enthusiastic golfer with almost thirty years experience in the investment business, author Neil Rinehart shares the essence of the similarities between successful golf and successful stock market investing. Finding Your A Game is a testament to the challenges and pleasures of each game and to the fact that success in both golf and investing depends on discipline, decisiveness, and a focus on the fundamentals. Rinehart's inventive style will enlighten you on the purposeful, passionate ways that accomplished golfers and investors practice their crafts. Along the way, you will better understand: The most important shot The most important club in your bag The value of your pre-shot routine How to think outside the tee box And why successful investors know that: There is a 5 percent secret to success They should avoid the big negative number When in doubt, they should get out Light and informative, Finding Your A Game, is a witty collection of stories, tips, and wisdom. In the end, you will feel the power of better golf and better investing-and be well on your way to finding your qAq game.The stock market game is not a zero-sum game either. Even though millions of players generate the power of supply and demand that we call a€œthe market, a€ you will never be face-to-face in a win-or-lose battle with one investing opponent.

Title:Finding Your "A" Game
Author:Neil Rinehart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-07


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