Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

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Going well qbeyondq the usual code enforcement and plan review approach to fire prevention, this exceptionally comprehensive and cutting-edge introduction to fire and life safety prevention takes into account the qbroad rangeq of prevention activities that must be coordinated for a qmodernq approach to prevention, as well as the scope of the qissuesq (legal and other) involved in their administration. It shows readers how to utilize qallq the tools available through public education, how to contribute to their planning efforts by incorporating investigation activities into a coordinated strategy for loss control, and how to organize their prevention efforts in the most effective manner. Several case studies and a host of activities give readers first-hand insights and experiences into applying concepts and strategies in the real world. The Comprehensive Approach to Prevention. Planning for Fire and Life Safety Prevention. The Plan Review Process: Engineering Elements in Prevention. Code Enforcement/Development: Developing Quality Codes and Making Sure They Are Enforced. Public Fire and Life Safety Education Programs. Fire Investigation. Staffing, Training and Funding Options for Prevention Programs. Evaluating Prevention Programs. Fire Marshal, Fire Chief, Inspector, Investigator, Public Education Specialist, Plan Reviewer.Participating in the plan review process can help reduce the expense of providing fire protection after the fact and improve ... of books, including the IFSTA manualsa#39; dealing with fire inspection and code enforcement or building construction.

Title:Fire Prevention
Author:Jim A. Crawford, James Crawford
Publisher:Pearson - 2002


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