First to Last

First to Last

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qFirst to Lastq is the true story of a soldier's life through the motorcycles he has owned and the most prominent action events that have occurred on those bikes and during his lifetime. It is a factual, first-hand account of the tale of a biker, a warrior and an incurable romantic. The story has an international tone, is action oriented during peace and war, and spans the generations in its common appeal to motorcyclists, military enthusiasts, world travelers, hobbyists, adventurers and romanticists of all ages. The book includes maps and photographs with captions that follow portions of the storyline. Its theme combines historical nostalgia with adventure romance to yield an avant-garde, neo-classic novella of the two-wheeled conveyance - the motorcycle. The weave of motorcycle, man, places and events is nothing less than a lifelong search for the Holy Grail that culminates in answering the question of where one's treasure lies. About the Author Dennis W. Lid served in the U.S. Army Infantry, Airborne and Special Forces worldwide during peace and war for over 20 years. Major Lid retired from the army in 1980. He then worked abroad for the U.S. Department of Defense as a Department of the Army Civilian for 19 years. Freelance writing, reading and motorcycling have been the favorite passions of his life. Now retired, his interest in motorcycles continues unabated, although he no longer rides. Fond memories of past motorcycling days feed his trend of thought and keep his life as a biker alive and well. He bids Godspeed to all his fellow soldiers and motorcyclists.Perhaps he wanted to try a sport bike with the front-leaning driving position for a change, or maybe he just liked the looks and performance of it. ... Even after I could no longer hear the turbo-like drone, the heartbeat of the vertical four, I stood in place for a long time holding the check from the sale of my geisha, ... After sharing the better part of my lifetime with the iron horse, what would I do without one?

Title:First to Last
Author:Dennis W. Lid
Publisher:CCB Publishing - 2008-10-26


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