Fitness for Beginners: Safe Weight Loss Tips

Fitness for Beginners: Safe Weight Loss Tips

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Fitness for Beginners Safe Weight Loss Tips by expert fitness and nutritionist Cathy Wilson uncovers select unique and practical nutrition tips and tricks that strengthen food knowledge, improving your health. This helpful guide strategically directs you to make healthier food choices for life. This quality health and wellness book teaches all aspects of healthy eating. Sample benefits include: *Stronger mind and body internally and externally *Fast weight loss *SUSTAINED weight loss *Lean, toned, firm and strong muscle with quality protein *Continuous energy with healthy complex carbohydrates *Improved cognitive capacity with healthy fats *Smooth system function with essential vitamins and minerals Understanding WHAT, WHEN, and HOW MUCH to eat, builds a healthy body set to deter dangerous free radicals from creating disease, unleashes endless energy stores, builds confidence, and generates eternal optimism. Let's get started!This may sound weird, but youa#39;ve got to eat to lose weight. The idea is to eat healthier food choices regularly, ... We get used to specific foods and just seem to stick with them come hell or high water. By diversifying your menu, youa#39;re going toanbsp;...

Title:Fitness for Beginners: Safe Weight Loss Tips
Author:Cathy Wilson
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-05-05


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