Five Pines

Five Pines

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Imagine what your world would be like if you could see the hidden events of other peoplea€™s experiences as easily as you recall your own. Imagine being able to remember past lives with people youa€™ve just met. Imagine being able to feel their emotions, hear every unkind thought, feel every moment of deceit, know every lie... Imagine being able to perceive the swirling energies of life as powerfully as a physical blow, yet be able to heal others with a focused touch. Imagine how it could consume you. How easily this double-edged a€˜gifta€™ of sensitivity could shape you; disrupting friendships and alienating lovers; turning you inwards to seek a fragile balance. Imagine how difficult it could be. How lonely. How dark. Now imagine falling in love in a tumultuous chaos of wealth, poverty, Spiritual purity, magic, life, death, betrayal and corporate intrigue, nestled in the heart of a Native American family on the South Dakota prairie. Imagine hot nights of wildly transformational sex, where spirit and body seek union with a total disregard for social convention; knowing only the blinding, carnal need to reach for more... A life-altering account of love, metaphysical wisdom, transformation and loss based on the true life experiences of one such woman. Five Pines.a€œNo, no!a€ I said quickly. a€œI want to see the door again!a€ Well, no artist is so blasAc that he cana#39;t be swayed by a little obviouslysincere flattery, so we went out the front door and I got to admire the tree again, running my hands over the smooth wood. ... from a hook on the right to one on the left to indicate at a glance whether a rider was still out on the trail at daya#39;s enda€”and a#39;carry your cell phone if you ride alone. ... a€œIa#39;ve gotten no bars, no service at all, everywhere on the property Ia#39;ve been.

Title:Five Pines
Author:J. Heather Cross
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-05-05


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