Fleet Fire

Fleet Fire

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The electric revolution, which eclipsed the Industrial Revolution by the end of the 19th century and continues to this day, changed our world forever. FLEET FIRE tells us how it all began. In an engaging and entertaining narrative, L. J. Davis fields a cast of both prominent and forgotten characters, from dedicated scientists and mischievous rogues to enlightened amateurs who lit the sparks of discovery. Franklin's kite, Davenport's electromagnet, Morse's telegraph, Cyrus Field's transatlantic cable, and Edison's phonograph are but a few of the achievements Davis discusses. Explaining the science in lucid prose, FLEET FIRE conveys the arc of discovery during one of the most creative epochs in the history of mankind.Thomas Edison and the Pioneers of the Electric Revolution L. J. Davis. spectrum, a sort ... In the lower, easiest-to-use part of the spectrum, the waves are long, and these long waves were what Marconi was using. As the waves ... This is what happens when you turn the dial on your car radio. You are ... Soon he discovered that, to make an antenna, it was only necessary to hold aloft a commonplace wire .

Title:Fleet Fire
Author:L. J. Davis
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2012-02-28


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