Fluorinated Surfactants and Repellents, Second Edition,

Fluorinated Surfactants and Repellents, Second Edition,

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A discussion of the synthesis, problems, theories and applications of fluorinated surfactants, this second edition is updated with four new chapters on repellency and protection against soiling and staining and over 2900 references, equations, and drawings (800 more than the previous edition). It lists alphabetically and explores numerous applications of fluorinated surfactants. Called q...a most useful introduction to these fascinating materialsq by the Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology and q...a coherent and stimulating handbook...the most useful book in the fluorinated surfactants field to date. Recommended.q by the Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions - this book is a source of factual data, methods of manufacture, and chemical structures for the surfactant scientist and user.M. Yamana, I. Yamamoto, M. Usugaya, and T. Sano (to Daikin Ind.), PCT Int. Appl . WO 97 43, 481 (1997). 34. ... AATCC Test Method 123-1989, Carpet Soiling: Accelerated Soiling Method, AATCC Technical Manual 70, 208 ... 7 580 Chapter 13.

Title:Fluorinated Surfactants and Repellents, Second Edition,
Author:Erik Kissa
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001-02-09


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