Folk Culture in the Digital Age

Folk Culture in the Digital Age

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Smart phones, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, and wireless Internet connections are the latest technologies to have become entrenched in our culture. Although traditionalists have argued that computer-mediated communication and cyberspace are incongruent with the study of folklore, Trevor J. Blank sees the digital world as fully capable of generating, transmitting, performing, and archiving vernacular culture. Folklore in the Digital Age documents the emergent cultural scenes and expressive folkloric communications made possible by digital a€œnew mediaa€ technologies. New media is changing the ways in which people learn, share, participate, and engage with others as they adopt technologies to complement and supplement traditional means of vernacular expression. But behavioral and structural overlap in many folkloric forms exists between on- and offline, and emerging patterns in digital rhetoric mimic the dynamics of previously documented folkloric forms, invoking familiar social or behavior customs, linguistic inflections, and symbolic gestures. Folklore in the Digital Age provides insights and perspectives on the myriad ways in which folk culture manifests in the digital age and contributes to our greater understanding of vernacular expression in our ever-changing technological world.6.66%: 5 year [sic] CD interest rate at First Beast National Bank, $666 minimum deposit i66686: CPU of the Beast 666i: BMW of the Beast DSM666: ... position. In fact, there is no concluding position, and websites reveal considerable variability in the order and final entries of their lists. ... Number of the Blonde Beast 1666: Area Code of the Beast 00666: Zip Code of the Beast 19006660666: Live Beasts!

Title:Folk Culture in the Digital Age
Author:Trevor J. Blank
Publisher:University Press of Colorado - 2012-11-16


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