Following Francis

Following Francis

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In a little town in Italy, nearly eight hundred years ago, Francis of Assisi renounced everything he owned to follow Christ with passionate and single-minded abandon. Even today, centuries later, this simple saint draws people around the world to his story of living in humility, love, and joy. Here in Following Francis, Susan Pitchford tells her own story of the Franciscan life, as a member of the Third Order, founded by Francis himself so that people from all walks of life can follow the saint's ideal, without leaving their homes or occupations. Pitchford learned that the Franciscan tradition isn't the exclusive possession of monks cloistered in a monastery, but a spiritual path for ordinary people living in the twenty-first century. Organized around the Rule of St. Francis, this book - a wonderful resource for private devotion or group study - shows readers what it means to live out the Christian life with a Franciscan accent.The Franciscan Way for Everyone Susan Pitchford ... These are cowardly, self- inflicted wounds, the ones we acquired trying to flee whatever battle we were called to fight: the addictions we used to escape problems we were supposed to dealanbsp;...

Title:Following Francis
Author:Susan Pitchford
Publisher:Church Publishing, Inc. - 2006


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