Following the Threads

Following the Threads

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altIgFollowing the Threads: Bringing Inquiry Research into the Classroom integrates several strands related to inquiry research. Historians, artists, and educators are interviewed about carrying out research, and teachers who regularly conduct projects, expeditions, and other student-centered research strategies discuss their work. Complete with lesson and unit suggestions and further resources, this book is a tapestry of ideas for teachers, woven from the work and wisdom of educators and artists who follow the threads of their own questions and their students', bringing passion, depth, and authenticity to classroom teaching at any level.To be able to write coherently, and to learn the skills of crafting your writing so that ita#39;s interesting, so that ita#39;s edited and so that ita#39;s complete. ... Almost all the kids, but I notice particularly the boys who are the reluctant writers, it really gets kids writing, and they learn to write ... One thing I can do is write a compelling letter and try to persuade someone that their point of view can be changed over to mine.

Title:Following the Threads
Author:Douglas Selwyn
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2010


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