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Designed to address the Foundation Curriculum, the Early Learning Goals from the QCA, and the Scottish Curriculum Framework 3-5. This book offers Early Years education, and is a child-centred, activity based resource for nursery stage. It is based on and correlated to the Foundation Stage Curriculum.The children may need some help with material, wool, string, a hole punch drawing and cutting out the mask shape. ... The first child says, for example, a#39;I went to the bread shop and I bought some rolls. ... The alphabet bread game: Some children will be able to recognise Letter cards letter sounds and will be able to play a game that involves guessing which kind ot bread you or they are thinking ... Plav food, numerals Adult involvement Resources Flour paste a#39;batika#39;: Mix flour and water.

Author:Neil Griffiths, Anne Pratt, Sylvia Wright
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2001


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